Supply chain management

ADATA actively establishes stable partnerships with suppliers and informs them of relevant commitments and requirements to ensure the quality of the supply chain and products, while requiring them to sign relevant commitments and statements, to ensure that they meet the relevant quality standards (RoHS/REACH, ISO 9001, etc.). The Company also conduct regular supplier assessments and evaluations. They need to meet the criteria for such assessments and evaluations, including statements and declarations on "quality, cost, technology, delivery time, and environmental friendliness", to become qualified suppliers of the Company.
Localization of procurement
With the diversified business, ADATA is clearly aware of the impact of long-distance transportation on the environment and has chosen local supply chains and pays attention to the maintenance of local relationships. About 85% of the Company’s suppliers are local ones, so as to achieve a balance between the environment, economy, and society.
Percentage of local suppliersPercentage of local suppliers
Green supply chain managementGreen supply chain management
Supplier sustainability assessment
1. Supplier sustainability audit:‎
The Company regularly audits key suppliers and high-risk ones to ensure the implementation of sustainable operations of the supply chain.‎
2. Supplier annual evaluation and supplier conference:‎
In addition to discussing production-related needs, the annual supplier evaluation and supplier conference by the Company raises suppliers’ awareness of the five major indicators: quality, technology, delivery time, cost, and environmental friendliness, and informs them of what targets they need to achieve.