Environmental Safety and Health Goals

Environmental Safety and Health Goals

Environmental, health, and safety targets‎

To achieve zero pollution and zero occupational hazards, the Company is dedicated to promoting environmental protection, developing green products, effectively utilizing resources, preventing damages and control risks, and implementing environmental, health, and safety self-management in each unit to establish a green and safe workplace culture.‎
Energy management‎

ADATA is responsible in carrying out sustainable management, and voluntarily performs greenhouse gas (GHG) investigations for environmental protection. Calculations from independent investigations show that: The majority of Green House Gases (GHG) emitted by the Company’s Suzhou, China operations can be attributed to vehicles and manufacturing facilities, and can be broken down as follows: 99.24% purchased electricity, 0.16% natural gas, 0.5% diesel, and 0.1% gasoline. This data is from the period Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2021. The aforementioned manufacturing facilities are listed here.
Energy conservation measures‎

1.The Company completed replacing LED lighting equipment in the entire plant area, saving an annual 300,000 kw/h of electricity.‎
2.The Company's hot water system was changed from gas boiler to air compressor heat recovery system, saving an annual 65,000M³ of natural gas use.‎
3.Other energy conservation measures:‎
1.The Company established a dedicated energy management department to record energy use on a daily basis, and to provide immediate reporting upon identifying abnormal energy usage, thereby eliminating energy wastage.‎
2.Continue to encourage energy-saving concepts and practices, and promote the habit of turning off lights and air conditioners when leaving, and shutting off computers when off duty.‎
3.Provide factory-wide promotion of onsite air conditioning (AC) control methods: Configure wind speed and temperature settings to low power consumption mode.‎
4.Adjust water flow rates on site according to water requirements to fulfill the required standards and eliminate wastage.