Environmental Philosophy

Environmental Philosophy

Environmental Philosophy
Our company IECQ QC080000 system follows and is verified in accordance with the regulation of IECQ HSPM electronic electrical machinery part and harmful substance procedure management system requirements.‎
To share the responsibility of the protection to global environment, our company has actively implemented remarkable efforts at environmental protection, and is willing to commit and stand for the following environmental policy to our staff, cooperative partners and social communities:‎
1. To comply with the requirements to environmental protection of relevant groups and government environmental protection regulations.‎
2. To develop green and energy saving products which result less pollution in accordance with the environmental requirements.‎
3. To implement internal environmental protection education and training, and to maintain external environmental protection communication channel. 4. To fulfill continuous improvement in order to promote the protection of the earth environment.‎

Implementation of the policy‎

In order to promote the smooth moving of the green product concept of our company, the following principles are established to assist the launch of the policy:‎
1. Establish green product management committee‎
2. Set up directives for verification and classification of controlled environmental materials‎
3. Set up methods of measuring controlled environmental materials‎
4. Provide the transmission and circulation of controlled environmental material information‎
5. Stipulate green product designs and part selections‎
6. Stipulate management and selection of GP suppliers / cooperative partners‎
7. Stipulate verification procedure of incoming parts for green products‎
8. Stipulate production control procedure of green products‎
9. Stipulate notification rules and flow of nonconforming green products‎
10. Stipulate document / record control procedure of green products‎
11. Establish regular review and audit mechanism of green products