Occupational Safety Management

Occupational Safety Management

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a professional memory module manufacturer. The main products are DRAM modules and flash memory related application products, supply to major computer assembly and channel manufacturers at home and abroad, but also step into the design, research and development and sales of LED energy-saving lighting devices and actively strive to contribute to the electronic information and LED industry.  ‎

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the company actively implements the environmental/ occupational safety and health management system to achieve the responsibility of protecting the natural environment and the health and safety of employees, and recognizes that only the attitude of attaching importance to environmental resources and respecting life is the opportunity for sustainable development of enterprises.‎

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Company is committed to: ‎
1. It is the common responsibility of all workers to implement environmental protection, reduce pollution and prevent damage. ‎
2. Abide by the government's environmental safety and health laws and regulations, and strive to meet the requirements of other relevant stakeholders with strict self-control.‎
3. Implement education, training and establish communication, consultation and participation channels to enhance the environmental safety awareness and rights of all workers.  ‎
4. Encourage all workers to participate in environmental safety and health work, and continuously improve the management system and performance. ‎
5. Develop green product design and promote energy saving, waste reduction, resource recycling and reuse activities. ‎
6. Provide occupational safety and health working conditions, with zero disaster as the goal, apply control hierarchies to manage operational risks to eliminate hazards.‎
7. Through regular audit activities and environmental safety management reviews to ensure the appropriateness and effective implementation of this policy.‎

ADATA will thoroughly implement the above environmental safety and health policy, and make all workers working under the management of the company deeply aware and public.‎

Risk management‎

Through the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 preliminary review methods, the Company assesses and identifies the environmental, health and safety risks in all operational activities and eliminates, replaces, and controls (engineering and operational), in priority, the high-risk operations for risk reduction. Additionally, the risks associated with changing machineries/equipment and chemical substances must be evaluated by health and safety professionals to devise appropriate and feasible improvement and protective measures before carrying out the changes.‎

One million cumulative safe work hours‎

Through participating in the one million cumulative safe work hours event, ADATA demonstrates its commitment to constructing a safe workplace.‎

Monitoring labor working environment‎

ADATA regularly monitors labor operations environments according to the Measures Governing Working Environment Monitoring specifications, analyzes the types of work exposures prior to test implementation, and devises the Operation Environment Measurement Plan and Sampling Strategy Plan according to the results of the analysis, to ensure that hazardous exposures are within the scope of testing. The test results are published on the environmental safety information bulletin and disclosed to workers.